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Nurse performing an early pregnancy ultrasound.

cost-free Pregnancy Testing services

Lab-quality pregnancy testing is an important first step if you think you may be pregnant. Home pregnancy tests can have false-positive or false-negative results. When you’re pregnant, your body produces a hormone called hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin. After an egg is fertilized, hCG begins to build up rapidly. A pregnancy test detects the amount of hCG hormone in your urine to determine if you’re pregnant.
To find out if you are pregnant, you should have your home test results confirmed in-clinic with a lab-quality pregnancy test. Serenity offers this service at no cost to you.

cost-free ultrasound services

If your pregnancy test is positive and you are at least 6 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP), Serenity offers no-cost limited obstetrical ultrasounds.  Along with information about your potential pregnancy, an ultrasound will help determine if the pregnancy is in your uterus and how far along you are. Because some pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage, an ultrasound will also be able to determine if the pregnancy is viable and progressing, as well as detect fetal cardiac activity. 

An Ultrasound is a safe and pain-free procedure to determine more details about your pregnancy. Ultrasound uses the echo of high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of your uterus. A sonographer puts a gel-like substance on your abdomen. Then, a device called a transducer is rubbed over the gel on your stomach. The sound waves the transducer picks up are converted into images on a screen for the sonographer to review. They can tell you the specific details of your pregnancy.

If you have scheduled an abortion or are considering the abortion pill, an ultrasound should be performed prior to a procedure or taking abortion pills. 

What to expect

At your first appointment, we will provide in-house pregnancy testing and an options consultation appointment. We understand the issues facing an unexpected pregnancy and are committed to providing you with a warm, safe, and discreet place where you can process your choices. 

Along with our cost-free services and support, our nurses can answer any questions you may have about pregnancy, abortion, parenting, and your health. 

We look forward to serving you.

Confirm Your Pregnancy

Free pregnancy testing, free limited obstetric ultrasounds, options consultations, and more.

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