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Medical Services

Serenity Pregnancy Resource Center is a nonprofit medical clinic operating under the supervision of a licensed physician.  Our staff of Registered Nurses are trained to administer medical grade pregnancy tests and certified to preform limited obstetrical ultrasounds. 
All services are provided at no cost to the patient.
No insurance, no sliding fee scales, no pressure.  

Pregnancy Test

Serenity offers free medical grade pregnancy testing to confirm pregnancy.  No more worrying over faint lines at home. 


Once pregnancy is confirmed an ultrasound is used to determine pregnancy viability and establish gestational age.  These are used to ensure our clients receive the appropriate care and resources.

Options Counseling

A positive test leads to many questions.  Serenity's Patient Service Managers and Registered Nurses are available to discuss options such as abortion, adoption, and parenting.

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Cody Clinic

Monday        12pm - 5pm

Tuesday        1pm - 7pm

Wednesday   10am - 2pm

Thursday       12pm - 5pm

Powell Clinic

Monday        1pm - 7pm

Tuesday        12pm - 5pm

Wednesday   10am - 2pm

Thursday       12pm - 5pm

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